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Resonant Solutions is a full-service, client-centred company. Whether your team has plenty of experience or just a little, our goal is to offer an experience marked with excellence and care. We offer our clients access to a toolbox of licensed, value-added software to make the collaborative process friendlier and easier.

We're ready to help! Here are the links and numbers you need to access support services.

  1. FreshDesk Efficient help desk that allows you to submit support tickets online 24/7
  2. Basecamp Private client workspace for the development phase, to view drafts, provide comments, brainstorm, see a project calendar and exchange project-specific messages.
  3. Freshbooks Invoicing and estimates for all projects except through Resonant Business Solutions
  4. BugHerd: We like making your life easy with this fantastic webpage reporting tool for the testing phase, to help you clearly and easily try out pages and provide comments. • Simplified administrative CMS interfacAll of our sites support BugHerd, the world's simplest website bug tracker. Located as a discrete arrow on the bottom right corner of your web page, just point and click on the location of the bug, and BugHerd will send us a message telling us exactly where to make the fix.
  5. Team Viewer: Powerful team viewing and collaboration tools to help view, discuss and troubleshoot.
  6. Content Management System: general manual.
  7. Tier 1 Technical Support: Tier 1 technical support deals with server / network outages, such as access to the CMS or the website. If a server / network outage is responsible for bringing a website down, our technical team is on standby 24 x 7. Please call us at 1 866 488 1247 any time of day to report an outage.
  8. Tier 2 technical support: Tier 2 support requests are charged hourly or at $150 / month for up to three (3) hours per month and hourly rates thereafter. Hourly rates are $85 / hour during regular business hours and $125 / hour on evenings, weekend and holidays, billed to the nearest 15 min block.
  9. Phone: 1-866-488-1247 (Regular office hours are Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM EST; urgent technical support calls are also acccepted at this number outside of regular office hours.

Contact us to get started today. Call 1.866.488.1247

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